Lease Recruiter

We will help you to occupy more open positions with suitable candidates. When to use Lease Recruiter service?
  • If you are looking for candidates for more open positions and it is uneconomical for you to pay agencies for every single employee.
  • Expansion of your company or other projects is ahead of you and you need to recruit bigger amount of employees.
  • You are not satisfied with impersonal attitudes and poor services of employment agencies.
  • You want to increase your HR department of external specialist in area of recruitment.
  • You would like to know about possibilities of the use of modern tools for searching for appropriate candidates.
  • It is important for you to educate and expand knowledge of your HR department.
How does Lease Recruiter work?
  • We will provide you with one of ours specialists for recruitment for the time being.
  • This specialist will work as part of your HR team for the whole time and will help you to occupy as fast as possible as many of the open positions as will be possible.
  • Part of the program is to handover knowledge and skills to your HR department for advanced search of potential employees in the future.
  • It is possible to combine Lease Recruiter with Executive Search for selected positions.
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