Recruitment Mentoring

Learn modern methods of recruitment from experienced recruiters. When to use Recruitment Mentoring?
  • Do you have insufficient amount of relevant applicants for offered positions but it is uneconomical for you to pay for services of personal agencies.
  • You want to learn advanced practices of recruitment which are being used by consultants of external suppliers including the work with passive candidates who are not reacting to advertising.
  • It is in your own interest to improve your HR team. And you want to learn how to use LinkedIn and more modern tools of recruitment.
How does Recruitment Mentoring Work?
  • You can choose from standardize training or let us to prepare long-term training to fulfill specific needs of your HR department.
  • In case of the second variation the mentor will be going to your company regularly and will teach you advanced techniques of recruitment. It is possible to combine this variety with Lease Recruiter program.
  • During this program you can use our tools and resources for your own purposes completely free of charge.
Have a look at up-to-date schedule of Recruitment Mentoring.
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