Employer Branding

We will help you to build up an image of attractive employer and lower fluctuation of your employees. When to use Employer Branding?
  • Classic form of advertising and recruitment campaigns does not work for you.
  • You are suffering from fluctuation of employees.
  • You need help with image of your company.
  • You want to address the labor market with positive image of your company.
How does Employer Branding work?
  • We will create a survey among your employees and find out what they find attractive about your company and what arguments are vital in case of choosing an employer.
  • We will advice you how to use these arguments during communication with potential employees.
  • Through PR we will build up image of your company in media which your potential applicants follow.
  • We will help you to set up strategies for your internal PR and then to fulfill them. With these strategies we will build up loyalty of your current employees to your company.
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